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ULUS JUCHI: BILYAR (Localization of this mint still remains unclear)

Bilyar, anonymous AR dirham, AH692 (1292)

Bilyar was regarded as a great city, once with a population of over 100,000. It was also the main trade centre in the Middle Volga. In the 12th-13th centuries Bilyar was a capital of Volga Bulgaria. In 1236, the city was ruined by hordes of Batu Khan. The city was later rebuilt, but it never regained its former size or power. Now a small town, the surrounding fields carry the relics of this once great city. A archaeological expeditions uncover many interesting artefacts and show glimpses into the everyday life of the ancient people of Bilyar
The new city was founded Bilyar not far from the old (Biliarska Selishche III) This archaeological complex known as post mongols Bilyar. . In the second half of the XIII century, the city minted silver coin. Now known for several types and denominations. Date of issue is known for only one type coins - a 1292 (692 AH)
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